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Established in 2005, HSC Financial Services are the Financial Planning arm of Hilton Sharp & Clarke, the leading independent firm of Chartered Accountants in Brighton and Hove.

We offer advice in all areas of Financial Planning to individuals, companies, trusts and charities. Our mission is to provide tailored financial solutions in a professional and unbiased manner. We are committed to high standards of advice and service provided by a friendly, motivated team with targeted financial research capabilities. We are happy to see clients at their home, at work or in our offices in Brighton, Shoreham, Billingshurst or Haywards Heath.

Financial planning addresses a wide range of issues.

A financial planner can you with such issues as: investing a lump sum, deciding how much you need to save in order to retire comfortably, estate planning and saving inheritance tax, dividing up pension entitlements on a divorce or separation, getting the right types and amounts of life and health insurance, planning to pay school or university fees, deciding how much to borrow and providing a general financial health check.


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Business Services

There are many areas where we can help our business clients.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax can be reduced significantly by tax planning in advance.

Life Insurance

How much cover do you need? We can help with calculating the amount required.

Pension Advice

Stop working for your money and put your money to work for you.


We can help you find the right mortgage solution.

Savings & Investments

We can help make the most of your valuable savings and capital.

Managing Your Wealth


We now manage over £52.8 million of our client’s money under our flagship Wealth Management service which is facilitated by technology known as a ‘Wrap’.

Independent advice:

We passionately believe that Independent, ‘whole of market’ financial advice is the ONLY way forward. IFA’s are the only type of financial advisers who are able to select from all products available in the financial marketplace – making sure you get the right advice for your individual needs.

Our Independent status means that you benefit from our being able to offer advice using the broadest range of financial products and services -whether that is for investment advice; retirement planning; Inheritance tax planning or simply reducing your financial expenditure.

Here to help take the stress out of your financial life.

Financial Planning helps you to identify, achieve and maintain the lifestyle that you and your family want.

  • Independent, Personalised and Friendly Service
  • We Treat Our Clients Fairly with Exceptional Customer Service
  • Choice, Value and Quality Fully Transparent Fee Structure
  • Highly Qualified Advisers




The Financial Planning Journey

Financial planning has witnessed significant change, so it is not surprising that most people are unclear about what financial planners actually do. The aim of this guide is to explain the process in both general terms and specifically what financial planning can achieve for you.


Business Succession Planning

What happens to a business if its owner or co-owner dies or falls seriously ill? Much will depend on the type of business, but unless there has been some advance planning the chances are that there will be disruption, arguments and the strong possibility that all or part of the business will end up in the wrong hands.


You and Yours – Estate Planning

Estate planning often becomes, and all too often remains, a do-it-tomorrow task. Then it could suddenly become all important… or it might be too late. After all, accidents do happen.


Financial Protection – For You and Your Family

Life and health insurance protection underpins most good financial planning. These types of insurance can ensure that if the worst should happen, the right amount of money will reach the right hands, at the right time.


Saving for Retirement

This guide looks at the rapidly changing world of retirement provision and pensions, both state and private. It covers areas such as the changing State Pension Age, the impact of the lifetime and annual allowances, auto-enrolment and the selection and management of investments for pension arrangements.

Pensions and Tax Planning for High Earners

If you want to reduce the amount of tax that you pay, then the solution is in your own hands. Thinking and planning ahead could help you to lessen the rising tax burden – and we’re here to help.

Taking Income at Retirement

In this guide, the focus is on private pension provision, which for many people will be their primary source of retirement income. The scope for drawing pension benefits has changed significantly in the past few years, giving greater flexibility and a correspondingly increased need for advice.


Investing for Children

Most parents want to help their children financially, whether it is making sure there is enough money for their education or helping them to buy a property. An early objective may well be to help children understand the value and importance of money.

Investing Tax-efficiently

The taxation of investments has never been a simple matter. In recent years it has become more complex as successive governments have chosen to tax different sources of investment income in different ways, mostly with the aim of adding to the Exchequer’s coffers. This guide can give only a brief outline of how your investments are taxed. Expert advice is necessary if you require more information or a greater insight into how to cut that tax bill.

Investment Planning and Asset Allocation

Risk is at the heart of many investment decisions and, as the diagram above shows, it is typically at the starting point of the investment planning process. There could be several types of risk in any investment. Helping you to understand the risks is a key responsibility of your investment adviser.

Making the Most of ISAs

ISAs are a key component of any savings and investment plan. With the addition of new forms of individual savings accounts (ISAs) such as the new Lifetime ISA, we round up the full ISA family and outline their requirements including eligibility, account structures and tax treatment.


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