Master the opportunities of financial planning with our Key Guides

The July update to our Key Guide series gives you up-to-date information explaining critical key topics across the areas of investment, retirement and inheritance planning.

Whilst we all basked in the hottest summer we have seen for over 50 years, our Government was diligently running consultations and trying to prepare us for what Brexit will eventually mean.

However, with serious changes likely to come in the upcoming Budget, and as a result of the negotiations with the EU, it is crucial to make sure you have your financial plans in order right now.

These guides will bring you all you need to get going all in one place.

Included throughout are new examples, tables, graphics and case studies to make each subject as simple to understand as possible. These new Key Guides will give you real world samples of complex rules and calculations, including fresh advice on inheritance planning and gifts.

We’ve also updated the rest of the series, meaning we can offer you in-depth and up-to-date advice on topics like:

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