Our updated Key Guides series: Q1 2018

Keith Bonner, Director and lead IFA at HSC Financial Services says “With the effects of the Autumn Budget now established, it is clear that the Chancellor is focusing on financial stability whilst the Brexit negotiations continue. With a great deal of uncertainty tied up in the results of the talks with the EU, this is an understandable course of action. More radical changes have been proposed by the Scottish government, in the form of their new rates and thresholds for income tax. The changes, due to be voted on by the end of February, if passed into law would represent a major step away from Westminster policy. Whilst we await the form of major changes in the future, we have taken the time to review our full range of Key Guides, bringing them in line with the new updated rates, allowances and charging schemes.”

Our early year updates include up-to-date guidance on income tax, state pensions, market investment performance and corporate capital gains.

  • REVISED – Investment Planning and Asset Allocation: Updates relating to the increased bank rate, and market performance over the last year.
  • REVISED – Investing for Children: Updates to income tax thresholds, the annual trust allowance and child trust fund allowances.

We’ve also updated nine other guides – ‘Business Succession Planning’, ‘Financial Protection for You and Your Family’, ‘Investing tax-efficiently’, ‘Making the Most of ISAs’, ‘Pensions Tax Planning for High Earners’, ‘Saving for Retirement’, ‘Taking an Income at Retirement’, ‘Taxation of Property’ and ‘The Financial Planning Journey’.

This means you can be confident of getting the most up-to-date advice available.

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