We’ve updated our Key Guides for you

It’s the run up to the Chancellor’s second Budget of the year, and the first of his new Autumn Budgets.

Mr Hammond is coming under pressure from all sides – to do something radical to free up public money, or not to rock the boat while the Brexit negotiations carry on.

Keith Bonner, Director and Lead IFA at HSC Financial Services in Shoreham says “We wait to find out what the new changes in the tax landscape may be; we have taken the opportunity again to review our directory of Key Guides.

For our October update, we’re once again presenting new guides. With pensions freedom now bedded in, we’ve revisited our coverage of the taxation of pensions and created two new titles to your Key Guides set in October:

  • Saving for retirement: This guide looks at the rapidly changing world of retirement provision and pensions, both state and private. It covers areas such as the changing State Pension Age, the impact of the lifetime and annual allowances, auto-enrolment and the selection and management of investments for pension arrangements.
  • Taking an income in retirement: This guide examines the pension options your clients most commonly face at retirement. It covers whether to draw a lump sum, the choice between annuities and the flexible income alternatives and the estate planning opportunities pensions can now provide.

We’ve also revised or updated six other guides – ‘Pensions tax planning for high earners’, ‘Investment planning and asset allocation’, ‘Investing for children’, ‘you and yours – estate planning’, ‘investing tax-efficiently’ and ‘Taxation of property’.”

The guides will be reviewed and revised again in January in the light of the Autumn Budget.